Simple Church Network (Ohio)

A New Testament House Church Network

About Simple Church Network

What is a Simple Church?

Simple Church is a global network of house churches made up of Truth seekers who value one another as they grow spiritually.

Simple Church accepts God’s invitation to join Him in His missionary work.

Simple Church is lay-led by ordinary everyday people who have trained as Simple Church planters.

Simple Church regularly gathers in homes for fellowship, food, and relational Bible study.

Simple Church is overseen and coached by lay-people, the Simple Church planters who are on the front-lines.

With Simple Church, everyday life is the mission trip! Our mission field is right here in our own neighborhoods.

Is it in the Bible?

Absolutely. Simple Church upholds the Sola Scriptura principle, that the Bible alone is enough. Our reasons for facilitating this movement are based on biblical principles and examples.

Most of the specific mentions of a house church are in the New Testament after Jesus’ resurrection. In fact, the book of Acts begins in a house in Jerusalem (Acts 1:4, 13) and ends in a house in Rome (Acts 28:30). Additionally, the Apostle Paul makes several greetings to “the church that meets in [person]’s home” all throughout his epistles.

But the house church practice began in the Old Testament, before the Tabernacle of Exodus was planned and constructed. The church throughout Genesis contained nomadic family units that simply built an altar wherever they were. Then they stopped to worship God with their entire family and their servants. The priority was seeking the Lord and submitting to His power and forgiveness, no matter the place or the circumstances.


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